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Why women over 50 need superfood blends in their diet?

Our science-based superfood blends are rich in micronutrients and expertly formulated for specific needs of women over 50.  Just one spoonful a day added to your usual meals will guarantee the optimal nutrient balance in your diet.

Sustainable style

No need to trash the planet while you clean your body. Each Personal Nature package is filled in the United States with locally sourced and made nourishment, wrapped in fully sustainable, recyclable, and compostable packaging.

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Your personal companion

From the minute you order your first package, Personal Nature experts are ready for you to share your experience and work with you to define your best health journey. We suggest that you use our 12-week Nutritional Wellness Challenge workbook and diary as your guide to achieve best results.

Count on it

A founder with 20 years of biomedical nutrition research. Six specially chosen superfoods per formulation. One you. Personal Nature is founded and backed by science you can see and research you can trust.

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The 12-week Nutritional Wellness Workbook

When you buy any of our superfood blends, we suggest that you also purchase our exclusive 12-week Nutritional Wellness Challenge goal-setting workbook and diary. This workbook has been specifically developed to help you integrate superfoods in your daily routine and achieve your own personal wellness goals. Whether it is weight loss, healthier diet, more activity, or better sleep – this workbook is your guide. To learn more, click HERE.

Who we are

Personal Nature’s superfood blends are grounded in holistic wellness — not just healthy eating. Your Personal Nature journey begins with an evaluation to help us get to know you.  With your subscription, you’ll get a month’s supply delivered to your doorstep, along with recipes and tips for integrating Personal Nature into your daily routine.

In the beginning, scientists studied how good foods nurture healthy bodies. Even as children, we knew to load up on leafy green vegetables, to choose whole grains, and not to forget our yogurt. 

But new research revolutionizes our understanding of the mind-body connection: Our brains work at optimum capacity when we eat a well-balanced diet. And the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals we choose to feed our bodies help us achieve optimal performance.

The keystone of a healthy diet, superfoods provide large quantities of antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that give us these results. But to be effective, we need the right blend, taken at the right times. The ideal solution is based on our personal physical and mental history and the dreams we have for our health.

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Dr. Bortsoff

CEO and founder, Personal Nature

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