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Antioxidant Blend


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Boost you immunity and protect your body cells from aging with this delicious blend of antioxidant-rich superfoods.

Weight: 200g (7oz), 40 servings, serving size 1 teaspoon.

How to use: mix one teaspoon into your beverage or breakfast per day.

Chia seeds aid in bone density and are a powerful helping of soluble fiber that helps you feel full and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Açaí berries protect heart health, boost brain health, and are loaded with antioxidants.
Maqui berries help fight inflammation, moderate blood sugar levels and guard against heart disease.
Acerola is rich in Vitamin C and helps boost immunity.
Maca is packed with nutrients, and may increase sex drive and help relieve symptoms of menopause.
Blueberry powder helps boost immunity, reduce total cholesterol, and protect the cellular lining of blood vessel walls.

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